'World War Z' Casts 'The Killing's Mireille Enos As Brad Pitt's Wife

Deadline says:

Paramount Pictures, once shaky about the prospects of the Marc Forster-directed zombie extravangza World War Z, is now on track to make the picture this summer. I'm told that Mireille Enos, star of the AMC hit series The Killing, is in talks to play Karin Lane, the wife of Gerard Lane, the character played by Brad Pitt in the adaptation of the Max Brooks book. In The Killing, she plays Sarah Linden, the homicide detective trying to solve the murder of Rosie Larsen. This will be the first major-studio starring role for Enos, who starred for three seasons on HBO's Big Love. She's repped by Innovative and Authentic.

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Crazay3469d ago

I find this news to be rather interesting. Not so much for who they cast in the role but the fact that the role even exists at all. I read World War Z and I can't recall the interviewer mention his wife.

This also tells me that they're more or less going with their own slightly original take of the source material. I might be getting a little nervous about this one but I'll wait and see how it pieces together over the next little while.

stuntman_mike3468d ago

they should have made it into a mockumentary tv series.

Crazay3468d ago

Given the success of The Walking Dead, I agree that's probbably the best way to treat this series. SOmeone like HBO or Sho would have been the best bet.

alycakes3468d ago

This is the first I've heard of this ever. I'm interested however too see how they would put this together. Interesting plot...we'll see if it comes about.

JL3468d ago

Never read the books, but definitely sounds like an interesting movie. Sounds like it could give a bit of freshness to the fairly stale genre (aside from a few gems). I'll have to watch out for more about this.

Crazay3468d ago

It's a VERY VERY good book JL. I HIGHLY recommend you check it out if you like to read. It's just a collection of stories being told by people who survived the Zombie Apocalypse.

darklordzor3468d ago

Very true JL, it's well worth the read. I remember picking it up as a lark, and I couldn't put it down. It's so expertly written, but that's also what makes me concerned for the movie.

It's the unique perspective and writing style, that makes this book stand out from all other zombie writing. It's not an easy style to transfer on screen, so I worry it'll come out as some generic zombie flick.

Crazay3468d ago

DLZ - If you really liked World War Z - I strongly recmommend Day By Day Armageddon and Day by Day Armageddon Exile. I couldn't out it down and tore through the 1st book in a weekend and the 2nd book within a week. Part 3 is due out this summer and is written by a man in the service.

alycakes3468d ago

I may just have to pick this book up for my summer read.

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