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This Week on Netflix Instant: April 25-May 1

While the DVD and Blu-ray offerings are a bit slim this week, Netflix is managing to take care of us when it comes to the Instant Play. This week will include the first day of a new month, which means tons of new additions to the streaming services. Probably the biggest update to the catalog that I’ve seen in quite a while. Highlights include such movies as Pulp Fiction, Scream 1 and 2, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Trainspotting, Sin City, Gone Baby Gone, Chasing Amy and many many more.

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Megaton3663d ago

Some pretty good ones coming May 1st. Definitely gonna re-watch Trainspotting and Sin City.

JL3662d ago

Yea, definitely some good ones. All things I've seen already (multiple times for most), but definitely some worth going back and watching again.

alycakes3661d ago

Who is in Trainspotting? Don't recall the name.

JL3661d ago

Trainspotting has Ewan McGregor in it. It was directed by Danny Boyle (127 Hours, 28 Days Later).

mindedone3657d ago

I've been waiting for this. I've worn out my netflix. I finally watched the following though, but I made the horrible mistake of watching it out of the corner of my eye. I didn't understand what was going on until the very end.

JL3657d ago

lol I made that same mistake of watching it out of the corner of my eye the first time so to speak. Definitely had to end up going back to watch it again. I thought it was good, but Memento is still his best I think. You could definitely see the promise of his genius with Following, though. A lot of those same skills and techniques that made Memento great are displayed in Following (just not as polished).

alycakes3660d ago

Can't believe I missed that one. I like Ewan McGregor and I normally keep up with his movies. I'll check it out.