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Top 10 Russell Crowe Performances

Sometimes eclipsed by his fiery temper and telephone-throwing skills, Russell Crowe is nonetheless quietly putting together one of the most impressive acting career of our era. The New Zealand-born Australian began his career in 1986 but it wasn’t until he appeared in 1997′s LA Confidential that most movie fans on this side of the Pacific were introduced to him. He has since collected 3 Academy Award nominations and become one of Hollywood’s brightest A-list star.

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alycakes3664d ago

Beautiful Mind, Gladiador, LA Confidential and of course 3:10 To Yuma would be my top choices.

He's a great actor.

Castor3663d ago

Indeed, I almost feel like he is taken for granted these days.

Megaton3664d ago

He was great in LA Confidential. Romper Stomper, too. Think the first time I ever saw him in a film was Virtuosity.

JL3664d ago

While he did do a good job in The Insider (as well as 3:10, Gladiator and LA), I have to say I think his best performance ever is undoubtedly A Beautiful Mind for me.

Sahil3663d ago

Beautiful mind and The Cinderella man, he was simply outstanding in those two!

alycakes3663d ago

Forgot about Cinderell Man.

Sahil3663d ago

how can you?? He was simply brilliant!

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