The Future is Now, 2D Glasses for 3D Movies

MovieStinger: The day has finally come and technology has once again taken a massive leap forward with the creation of 2D glasses. Yep, that’s right, I said 2D, not 3D. I guess some people get headaches when watching 3D movies and others just flat out hate 3D. The simple solution would be to just not buy the more expensive 3D ticket and 2D glasses, but I guess there are some people who get dragged to 3D movies by their friends or significant others, and I can somewhat understand how these glasses could be helpful for those that get headaches from 3D.

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Defectiv3_Detectiv33476d ago

Way to stick it to the man! Seriously though, is this whole 3-D fad over yet?

Megaton3476d ago

Isn't it time to start advertising 4D yet? Maybe they'll really go bold and skip ahead to 5D. I'm pretty bored of the 3D gimmick.

Soldierone3476d ago

Actually they are starting this already. There are certain theaters that have new setups where the chairs move, subs under the seats to have rumbles, and 3D.

They are not widespread and are only for occasional movies that were developed using the technology. Id expect to see more mainstream theaters start implementing these in at least one theater per location and advertising it similar to 3D.

HOWEVER it is well worth it. A lot better than 3D gimmicks thats for sure. In fact it actually justifies paying extra.

alycakes3476d ago

It's a great idea...I may just have to try those glasses.

Castor3476d ago

Ahaha that's hilarious, it's like a step backward in technology.

MinimeJer053476d ago

Awesome. I almost want to order a pair and see what kind of reaction I get at the theaters haha!

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