ClickOnline: Thor Review

Marvel Studios continue their advance towards the release of next years The Avengers with another showcase movie for their rapidly expanding cast list. And it might just be their best yet.

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ClydeRadcliffe3470d ago

Looking forward to this one. Kinda bitter Europe got it first to be honest.

gaden_malak3470d ago

I saw it 2 days ago (live in Australia). It's really good, the scenes in Asgard and space in general are amazing.
3D is meant to be good as well (my parents saw it in 3D, I saw it in 2D).

I'm not a big comic book fan so I don't know the entire stories in regards to the Marvel universe but I thought it was a really good movie. Has quite a few funny moments too.

Christopher3470d ago

I'm hopeful having seen the review scores. Most people admit to not having any knowledge of the character from the comic books, but still rate it above average. The fact that it's a comic book movie with its own peculiarities could speak towards how well it might do in the theaters.

Cat3470d ago

Yeah, I'm still looking forward to this one!

filmmattic3470d ago

Still can't wait to see this. The reviews I've read have been fairly flattering. It's the kind of film I'd absolutely adore as a ten year old, but one that I can still appreciate as an adult. That's how most comic book films roll, though I can name a number of exceptions to this rule.

Castor3470d ago

Good to hear this is pretty good. From the horrible trailers, I would have never even imagined going to see it but I think I will be there :)

alycakes3463d ago

I know I am. I've seen the previews now and they look darn good.