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The Hobbit Loses Cast Member

ClickOnline writes:
It's a case of There and Back Again for Brit actor Robert Kazinsky, as director Peter Jackson has just announced on his Facebook that the Eastenders alum will not be able to continue on the journey to Smaug's mountain and beyond.

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Ric Flair3670d ago (Edited 3670d ago )

Woooooooooooooo !!

malamdra3670d ago

well, Ryan Gosslin dropped out of The Lovely Bones shortly after shooting began

jony_dols3670d ago

This is a relief.

I was expecting to see something like Ian McKellen or Christopher Lee had died!

rockleex3670d ago

They're gonna replace him with Geohot.

sdtarm3664d ago

ill be w8ing for that movie longer i guess

darklordzor3670d ago

Well that sucks! I hope everything is okay with the guy. I know it would take some very large personal reasons for anyoen to drop out of something like The Hobbit.

alycakes3670d ago

Yes, I'm sure he didn't make the decision lightly. I wish him the best.

Megaton3670d ago

What's with the heat on this article? Nearly 12x as hot as the next hottest.

-MD-3670d ago

I was wondering the same thing. This is the highest I've ever seen it on Filmwatch.

filmmattic3670d ago

Lol, I just noticed that myself. Pretty unprecedented. Just like O'Doyle in Billy Madison, Hobbit rules. Either that, or there is some chicanery going on behind-the-scenes.

Castor3670d ago

The thermometer is broken! It shouldn't be much of a loss as the character didn't appear in LOTR.

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