LRA: Super Review

LRA writes: From director James Gunn, the same man that was responsible for giving us the fun and sadly forgotten little horror comedy Slither from a few years back, has returned to give us a super hero film that is unlike any other to come before it. And yes, I am including such entries as Kick-Ass which I love to death and even the more obscure Woody Harrelson movie Defendor. While both those films and countless others are have attempted the realistic approach to the super hero genre they always veered off in some other direction. Super may not be the first comic book movie to ask the question of what would happen if a normal every day person tried to stop crime but it is the first one to answer it in the most bizarre and insane way possible.

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alycakes4240d ago

It sounds absolutly, possitively inspiring...can't wait to check it out. I had already heard a little about it but have not seen it yet. I will be soon.