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The Voice Of TV: If I were to grade the promo department in regards to this week’s episode, they would get a great big, “F.” Based on the goofy, cartoonish clips shown at the end of last week’s episode I went into “Booster” gritting my teeth and praying it wouldn’t be the waste of my hour that “Fortune” was. It isn’t, and as you can see by the high grade I give it, this is definitely one I won’t mind seeing again. The tight writing, superb acting, and clever use of a lesser-known DC Comics hero make for a great stand-alone episode while also propelling Clark Kent (Tom Welling) toward his ultimate destiny as the Man of Steel.

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nfourgtoday3475d ago

Really good episode of Smallville as Booster Gold felt just like the way he acts in the comics.

gaden_malak3474d ago

Was a pretty cool episode. I hope the next few deal with Darksied and Green Arrow though before we get to the suit and Lex!.

NESpower3475d ago

...and suit up on May 13th!

Sahil3474d ago

Nice episode, can't wait for may 13th :)

alycakes3474d ago

Won't be long now...I'm anxious and sad at the same time. It's going to be good to see Lex come back...I kinda miss him being around making trouble.