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Tom Welling with Superman Suit in Smallville? (Where You Stand)

From Paul Gale Network: "Smallville is approaching its final episode, which will be a 2 hour grand finale on May 13th, and many of the series’ fans of 10 years have different views on how they want it to end. Should Tom Welling, as Clark Kent, don the most popular superherro suit in the world and become Superman for the last episode? Or should Smallville (which has most recently been left behind for a new life in Metropolis for Clark and Lois) really stick to its original promise of 'no flights, no tights'?"

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SFWorldWarrior3667d ago

For the love of all the baby kittens in this world put on the f'n suit already and stop jerking us around CW!

PerryGoodAndTrue3667d ago

I'm not the biggest Superman fan around but even I want the kiddies to see their hero wear the suit. How much pull does Tom have in the decision? I remember him saying before that he won't or doesn't want to.

KornChildz3667d ago

Been watchin 10 years n dey owe us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cathyokunga3667d ago

I'm so tired of no flights no tights.

TOYstoryManIam3667d ago

Won't happen and prolly will just be like the article says "this looks like a job for superman" and open the shirt. Cut to black. If we're lucky we'll see a fly over the city shot.....maaaaybe.

PoopyTheMac3667d ago

How about instead of Somebody Save Me for the Finale they do some good old Superman music!

RobinGB3667d ago

I want to feel a show special like this end well similar to how Lost ended.

krazykombatant3667d ago

I don't understand how the producers of the new superman movie gave him the damn role, the should have had a series finally and BOOM! movie with him being superman that would have been pretty damn cool.

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The story is too old to be commented.