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Will Smith Reportedly Remaking "Thundercats", Playing Lion-O writes: "A source close to the Smith family cites Will Smith is a huge fan of the animated feline humanoid aliens known as The Thundercats. The cartoon ran from 1985 to 1990 and became a cult classic series. Will is rumored to be considering producing and starring in a live cinematic version along with his wife Jada."

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filmmattic3477d ago

Thundercats, I totally dig that show. Will Smith is probably the biggest American movie star today, so if he's behind it, so am I.

JL3477d ago

Eh, I'm not liking this idea at all. I loved Thundercats as a kid, but a live-action Thundercats just sounds ridiculous really. And furthermore, Will Smith as Lion-O? No I'm not buying that at all and that only further makes it sound cheesy and ridiculous.

That's worse than Mike Myers playing the Cat in the Hat.

filmmattic3477d ago

In Fresh Prince of Bel-Air I Trust. Nah, but your complaints are valid.

frelyler3476d ago

But unfortunately the Mike Myers thing did happen so...who knows.

Shang-Long3475d ago

Mike Myers playing the Cat in the Hat?
thats a little much dont you think?

this doesnt seem likely but it can be done, will can play a serious character. they could use the same idea as avatar. like alot of movies it could work. but i dont think its real

ShAkKa3477d ago

Agree. Making a live action film out of this franchise seems just dumb.

Sahil3477d ago

Nice and he starring in the movies makes it More nice!

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