TheGameEffect | The Office: "Michael's Last Dundies" Review

TGE: I wish I could say that Steve Carell's penultimate episode on The Office was hilarious, touching, or in any other way memorable. Unfortunately, if I do remember it for anything it will merely be for what a disappointing waste it was of what little time we have left with Michael on the show. An office-wide rendition of "Seasons of Love" rewritten for Michael?!? Blech. That song may have been emotionally riveting in Rent but here it felt forced, a bit awkward, and frankly, was kind of boring. Sadly, those adjectives describe most of the episode as well.

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Megaton4242d ago (Edited 4242d ago )

I liked it, and just from the summary I'd expect a lower score than 6. It definitely wasn't as bad as this article makes it out to be, IMO.

-MD-4242d ago

This episode was wayyyyyy better than last week's. Don't know why it got a 6... I'd say 9 easily.

Sahil4241d ago

I'd give it a 10, it was truly amazing well.. that's what she said!

tunaks14241d ago

this was much better then last week,
deserves a 9