Jordan's Obligatory Blog: Why Thor Sucks and Wonder Woman Isn't as Bad

Jordan Minor Writes: There’s a wonderful movie studio called The Asylum that stays in business putting out movies that sound like movies you may have heard of (but not porn) like Snakes on a Train, The Day the Earth Stopped, Transmorphers and its sequel Transmorphers: Fall of Man. That last features one Bruce Boxleitner a.k.a. Tron a.k.a. the guy whose only thing he’s got going on is Tron.

Today I came across a trailer for their next “mockbuster” Almighty Thor, featuring, of all people, the second chick that played Marta on Arrested Development

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Christopher3677d ago

***Marvel doesn’t own Thor and the fact that they sort of act like they do kind of bothers me.***

Using a character based on mythology in no way speaks to one's belief of ownership. Does Raimi or Disney own Hercules? Heck, does Disney own most of the fairy tales out there? No, they just own their own creations based on the original stories.

***Take for example the controversy over the casting of black actor Idris Elba as an Asgardian, Heimdall***

First I've heard of this "controversy".

***But chances are when Vikings were coming up with their gods, they [probably] imagined them as a bunch of white dudes.***

Luckily our imaginations are more culturally diverse. We do understand that these are just stories in the first place, right?

***I can forgive this in comics since serialized stories are necessary for sales and no one reads comics anyway ... but please don’t start bringing that junk into my movies.***

Suggestion, don't watch comic book movies if you don't care for them or the media from which they are derived.

***I can buy Iron Man, Hulk and Captain America, all existing in the same world. They are all vaguely sci-fi-ish.***

The same world that pulls from arthurian, celtic, greek, and chinese mythology? Did you have a problem with Juggernaut? How about Galactus, who is so far out there with his abilities that it defies science all together? It also seems a bit weird to be arguing against fantasy elements when many of the characters are based on the 'old gods'.

Marvel Universe is steep in magic, just as it is in mental powers, mutants, and robotics/cybernetics.

This argument also reminds me of the Venture Bros episode where Dr. Venture and Morpheus compete to see who can shrink something using technology or magic.

***I think it’s a bad move shoehorning all of these characters into one thing, a potential cluster train wreck in the making called The Avengers.***

So, instead of sticking to the core material, you would suggest changing it to meet your desires? You're not okay with them making Thor more scientific in reference, but you are against them sticking with the same characters? How is your desire to change it any better?

***Please tell me that I’m not the only one that imagines Lord of the Rings when they think of Thor as opposed to something like Predator.***

I think neither. But, when I think of the comic book Thor, I think of him as a God living among men in our age. I separate the difference between the original mythology and Marvel's interpretation. Just like I did with the concept of Outlander, which is sci-fi retelling of sorts of Beowulf and Grendel.

*** Directors, actors and writers have visions too and they get stifled if all you care about is how to fit all these pieces into a tidy little puzzle***

That's an unfair loaded statement. There has been nothing to suggest that Branagh and the writers didn't have creative freedom with the movie.

***unlike Thor, Wonder Woman herself is an interesting original character [...] so no one really pays attention that the rest of her mythos is just Greek mythology wholesale.***

Perhaps you ignore her origins, but Marvel and many fans have not. Other Greek mythology creatures/beings are also Wonder Woman's most often encountered opponents in her own comics. Exactly how Thor's most often encountered opponents are from Norse mythology.

cliffbo3674d ago

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