'Party Down' Movie: Lizzy Caplan Says Cast Has Discussed Possibility

HP: Party Down may have one more event to cater. And it'd be their biggest job yet.

A two season, twenty episode workplace comedy on the subscription cable network Starz, "Party Down" featured an impressive cast playing Hollywood hopefuls (and burnouts). Axed by the network despite fan protest, the show has begun to attain true cult classic status. Speaking to The Huffington Post on Tuesday, star Lizzy Caplan talked about what's becoming a growingly rabid fan base, and the cast and producers' desire to bring the crew to the big screen.

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-MD-3478d ago

I really would like to see some type of continuation from the show. I gave it a shot in the dark and ended up really liking it.

I'd rather have another season with a different network instead of a movie but since they're tied to other shows already that's out the window. Hopefully the movie happens though at the very least.