ClickOnline: Jamin Winans Ink Interview

Director of indie epic Ink Jamin Winans talks to ClickOnline as the 2009 low budget fantasy hits home video in the UK and Ireland from April 25th 2011.

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JL3478d ago

I watched this movie on Netflix Instant a while back. Seemed pretty interesting but I kept getting distracted and sidetracked with things so I wasn't able to really keep focus on it and really catch it all. Seemed pretty interesting what I did see of it though.

danand823478d ago

It's a little unusual at times but the final act is fantastic, well worth a rewatch!

JL3477d ago

I remember catching that scene where the blind guy synchronizes and chains all that stuff together. That was pretty cool.

alycakes3477d ago

Don't tell too much...haven't seen it yet but it looks really interesting and creepy...anything with dream subject matter interests me.