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'Bones' Q&A - The Hart in the Hot Seat - The Voice Of TV

The Voice Of TV: Bones fans are nothing if not passionate – but they aren’t the only ones with burning questions about the remaining episodes in season 6, the potential for a 7th season, and how Emily Deschanel’s pregnancy will affect the show. We recently got to take part in a teleconference with Bones creator Hart Hanson where all of these questions and more were asked. Hanson – ever in the hot seat – graciously answered most of the questions.

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alycakes3665d ago

I knew it! I told my husband she was pregnant when I saw her in the last episode...she just had that look! They'll figure something out, they always do and the show goes on. I do love that show.

This last episode with the new characters that create the new show "The Finder" was actually very good. I think if people give a chance it will have good ratings. I like the actors and the story line that brought them together. It's very creative.