Jim Carrey to Guest Star on 'The Office' Finale

THR: Add Jim Carrey's name to the growing list of high-profile guest stars set to appear in this season's final episode of The Office.

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ShAkKa3480d ago

Cool, I don't watch the show but i'll probably see this episode.

Garethvk3480d ago

They are keeping us guessing for who the new boss will be. Kudos in this internet age I am happy to see they have kept it under wraps this long.

Megaton3478d ago

Yeah, I'm surprised about that as well. Having so many cameos probably helps. Keeps people guessing.

-MD-3480d ago

The last episode is going to have like 10 guest stars lol that's nuts.

Unless the previous rumors have all been untrue of course.

Garethvk3478d ago

They could simply toss us a huge curve and give it to Tobey or Kelly.

alycakes3477d ago

I don't watch The Office so can't comment. Hope you'll are all happy with the outcome.