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Mel Gibson Finally Talks

On May 6th, Mel Gibson’s much-delayed comeback picture, The Beaver, will open in limited release. Veteran Hollywood journalist Allison Hope Weiner sat down with Gibson in the Santa Monica offices of his Icon production company on April 18th.

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NESpower3468d ago

Gibson vs. Sheen...the

filmmattic3467d ago

Haha, I'd pay to see that. I say, throw 'em both in the Octagon. Sadly, Sheen would be LOSING. The Wild Thing's got nothing on Mr. Mad Max.

alycakes3468d ago

You know what? I'm going to give it a chance. Jodi Foster is so talented and so is Mel in his own wright or at least was in his day. So I've decided to give his new movie a chance and be open minded to see it as a movie made and directed by Jodie Foster.

JL3467d ago

Yea I'll want to check this out too. Seems pretty interesting. I don't care about what he's been doing in his personal life (though obviously he is completely off his rocker), so long as he can still bring it on-screen I'm fine.

KILLERAPP3468d ago

That is his personal life, I don’t care about I just want to watch his movies and performances that is all I care about F the median and there propaganda...

Megaton3468d ago

I tend to not really care about a celebrity's personal life beyond a few laughs if they're really burning out hard. I'm not gonna pretend that I'd live the straight and narrow if I was rolling in Gibson/Sheen money. I'm a hedonist at heart.

JL3467d ago

Yea, that's why I steer far clear from tabloid stuff. I don't care about these people.

Veni Vidi Vici3468d ago

A Jodie Foster film called, 'The Beaver'? Please tell me I'm not the only one noticing the irony here.

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