All Harry Potter Films May Be Re-Released In 3D writes: "Harry may not be leaving the theaters any time soon. The final installment in the long-running Harry Potter film series will come out later this year, putting an end to the huge Warner Bros cash cow. Or maybe not. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 will be the only entry in the franchise to debut in 3D, but now the movie studio is apparently looking into remaking all of the previous titles in 3D, and then re-releasing them to the big screen."

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NESpower3680d ago

I have a little cousin i'm sure would love this

kalebgray923679d ago

i only saw the last two in theatres... all of the others i saw on dvd.... i would pay to see them in 3d for sure.... cant wait for the finale

NESpower3679d ago

Update: He did his own unique happy

Megaton3679d ago

Of course they will. They milked one of the entries in half. They're gonna keep this thing going one way or another.

filmmattic3679d ago

Haha, exactly! Why stop a profit machine? It's like WB is playing a game of "Catch Me If You Can."

creamsoda3679d ago

Wow like htey haven't already made billions off of the franchise already. So greedy.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33678d ago

Cool, while they are at it why not get Goerge Lucas to go in and re-edit a few things?

KeiserSosay47883678d ago

Absolutely! How lame...
Ya' that you say that, I wonder how long until Lucasarts re-releases Episodes I-III in 3D, or with Jar-Jar edited out? lol

xtremexx3678d ago

this isnt sad at all, lol , just release all of them on blu-ray and stop.

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