Top Gun Coming Back To Theaters For Two Nights Only

Shock Ya writes: "iFilm has some great news for lovers of all things ’80s–one of the films that cemented Tom Cruise as a leading man, “Top Gun”, is coming back to theaters."

"According to the article, AMC will be celebrating the film’s 25 anniversary by hosting two screenings of the film on April 30 at 12:30 p.m. and May 2 at 7 p.m. in AMC theaters across the United States (although, sadly, that doesn’t include Alabama or several other states). Guests will also receive a “Top Gun” poster, while supplies last."

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MinimeJer053477d ago

Was never a fan of Top Gun, so no thanks. I do give credit to AMC for doing these types of screenings with Top Gun, Taxi Driver, Back to the Future and so on. Gives people a chance to relive classics!

NESpower3477d ago

I'm buying the 25th Anniversary Blu-ray to celebrate. :p

filmmattic3477d ago

Yeahhh, Top Gun's the shiznit. It proved why Tom Cruise was an enormous Movie Star. So many classic scenes, some out of pure hilarity (think the infamous volleyball game), but solid entertainment nonetheless. And I love Tarantino's "gay" interpretation of the film on YouTube.

Sahil3474d ago

I need to see this one in a theater :)

alycakes3472d ago

I wasn't a great fan of Tom Cruise in the Top Gun days so I would pass on this one.