Fright Night Photo Features Colin Farrell Embracing a Victim

Movie Web writes: "DreamWorks Pictures has released another new photo from the highly-anticipated vampire remake Fright Night, which debuts in theaters nationwide on August 19. Click on the photo below, which features Colin Farrell about to sink his teeth into another victim, to access our gallery."

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NESpower3471d ago

I hope this Fright Night lives up to the awesomeness of the 80's original...wait..that's You know what I mean.

Crazay3471d ago

I bet I know what scene this is from

alycakes3470d ago

I'm just glad they're trying...hope it's good. Colin Farrell...that's an unusual part for him isn't it? He doesn't do horror. I've never seen him in something like this. I mean he can play a good bad guy but I really don't remember him being in a horror movie at any other time....have I missed anything?