Tom Cruise To Create Own Character For Glee Cameo?

MTV writes: "Reports have suggested that Tom Cruise could soon be making a cameo appearance in hit US TV show, Glee. Following the success of Gwyneth Paltrow's appearance in the series, Showbiz Spyhas claimed that producers are hoping Cruise will star in the show and create his own character."

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NESpower3472d ago

I'm a fan of TC, not ashamed to admit Glee? Hmmm, might watch him on it.

filmmattic3472d ago

Oh he going to reincarnate Les Grossman. I guess that whole Grossman movie spin off lost steam, so he wants to make a splash on TV. Pure speculation, of course. And I say this with horror, as someone who has been a fan of Cruise since Taps. No more Grossman, please.

frelyler3472d ago

@ NESpower

I'm right there with you man. Just pretend all his little outbursts of insanity did not happen and stick to his films. I just watched Minority Report again today, great flick.

NESpower3472d ago

lol...yeah man, Minority Report is great. I watched the first Mission Impossible recently again and enjoyed it. I enjoy 95% of his films. He's a great actor and chooses awesome material.

alycakes3471d ago

I wasn't a fan of Tom until he matured a bit ....Minority Report is great and the first MI and the 3rd MI were very good. I also like some of his action comedy. Knight and Day wasn't too bad. I wasn't sure because I'm not into romantic comedies but someone talked me into it and it's really not that at all. I enjoyed it very much. He's turned out to be a good serious actor but he's got such a good sense of humor too.

alycakes3471d ago

Forgot to say....I'd probably watch on Glee to see the character he creates and I loved Les Grossman...he was hysterical.

filmmattic3471d ago

His cameo was hilarious in Tropic Thunder, but I feat that he'll bleed that gimmick dry. It can get dull and very "The Situation" ala the Trump Roast, pretty quickly.

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