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John Luessenhop To Take On Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise will continue and the man they have chosen to direct the film is John Luessenhop, who last gave us the heist movie Takers.

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darklordzor2738d ago

Bleh....I'm very much done with this franchise. I didn't care at all for the new reboots and I can't say that this one has me interested either.

ShAkKa2737d ago

I've only liked one of this movies and it wasn't even that much. Who knows maybe this guy can make it a decent film.

alycakes2737d ago

Another one? Give it a rest!

NESpower2735d ago

lol...i've actually lost count.

Sahil2733d ago

Come on, enough.. we have seen many and have been disappointed everytime, do do it again.