Will Vin Diesel Get to Play a Terminator?

Moviehole says:

I was lucky enough to attend the “Fast Five” junket in Rio over the weekend (can I get a ‘hell yeah!?) where I spoke to both cast and crew about the very-fun “Ocean’s Eleven”-esque installment of that very, very popular series (the people of Rio went cwazy for Vin, Rock and Paul – and fair enough!).

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darklordzor4246d ago

I could see him playing a role in the Terminator movie, but not THE Terminator as portrayed by Arnold. The image of Arnold is too iconic now to that franchise and they aren't going to be changing that (at least they shouldn't), I think Diesel could play another version of Terminator though and be pretty neat.

Crazay4245d ago

I don;t think they'd be putting him in as the role of the T800 (?) but more along the lines of a new enemy Terminator or perhaps even a new Terminator sent back to help John COnnor. The question would be , is Christian Bale willing to reprise the role of Connor and will Arnie comeback to some capacity?

MinimeJer054245d ago

Terminator seems like the only franchise movie that Vin could be in and not completely mess up. Since all you have to do is talk in a monotone voice and move very stiffly. If Vin couldn't nail the role of The Terminator, then I have lost all hope in him. (Thats assuming that I even had hope in him... in the first place..)

TheEatingChampagne4245d ago

He's a great actor.. It's not his fault he gets to play in shit movies

Crazay4245d ago

I admit that he is a decent action guy, I most def. wouldn't say he's a "great actor". He's serviceable at best. What he needs to do is get back to Riddick - That is one role he does very very well.

MinimeJer054245d ago

What are you talking about? Its 100% his fault that he plays in shit movies. The actor has the right to pass on the script. He obviously doesn't care what he does with his career. The only good movie Vin has ever been in was Pitch Black.

Close_Second4244d ago

He was just fine in Saving Private Ryan however, he was surrounded by much better character actors which helped.

darklordzor4245d ago

See that's why I think he WOULDN'T be good in Terminator. He never plays just a monotone type character. He puts too much attitude into his characters and 'badass' personality to ever really pull off the menacing robot feel.

alycakes4245d ago

I totally agreee with you on that one. Termination..the first, second and the last one with Christian Bale in were excelent but they could have done without the 3rd one.

You're right about Vin...I think he'd have trouble with the concept of playing a robot.

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The story is too old to be commented.