Player Affinity | Marvel Confirms "Thor" and "Captain America" Sequels

Player Affinity writes: The summer blockbuster bloodbath of 2011 won't kick off for another couple weeks, but that hasn't stopped the studios behind some of the summer's biggest films from hiring writers to work on sequels. Now, Marvel's movie mogul Kevin Feige has confirmed to Disney's D23 Magazine that sequels to Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger are in development.

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alycakes3474d ago

I think Captain America in modern times is a great would make it. Super Hero movies make it at the box office if they're released in the spring and summer when kids and young adults are getting out of school and just want to chill in a cool place for a while. These are the type of movies most of them will see. Aside from the very very young that will see the animated that their parents will take them tol.

I'm excited about all these sequels...hope I'm around for all of them

darklordzor3474d ago

I wish I could say I was surprised...but of course I'm not. We all knew these were coming, and for me that's kind of sad. I remember the days when studios waited to see if a film was actually good before announcing/working on a sequel.

filmmattic3474d ago

Haha, well-said. A little premature jubilation by the studios, I'd gather.