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Entertainment Focus - Review: Arthur

Arthur (Russell Brand – Get Him To The Greek) is a billionaire who hasn’t grown up. He loves partying, drinking and spending copious amounts of cash on life’s frivolities. His mother Vivienne (Geraldine James – Calendar Girls) threatens to cut off his money supply unless he settles down and marries Susan (Jennifer Garner – Alias), an ambitious ex-girlfriend only concerned with increasing her social standing. So Arthur begrudgingly accepts this to preserve his way of life. But soon afterwards, he meets Naomi (Greta Gerwig – Greenberg), a local tour guide and wannabe children’s author. The two hit it off instantly but with Arthur now engaged, he has a tough choice ahead – get married to the wrong woman and be rich for life or give up all his wealth for potential true love. Perhaps his nanny Dobson (Helen Mirren – RED) can help guide him?

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alycakes3670d ago

I went to see it and I enjoyed it for the comedy it was supposed to be. It was entertaining and very different from the original. It's not going to get any awards or be on any top lists but if you just need something light and don't want to have to focus or think a lot...this is your movie

filmmattic3669d ago

I'm saving my money on this one. Perhaps, a Netflix viewing, but I wasn't even a fan of the original.