Call of Duty Movie: Making it Happen

What if you were told that a Call of Duty movie is on its way to the big screen? If you are an avid fan of the game, then you will be jumping up and down with joy and anticipation.

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Soldierone2924d ago

Forget being a fan of the game. I am a fan of war films. This will for sure bring war films back into glory days and maybe I will be given the chance to write one someday....

Megaton2923d ago

I highly doubt a Call of Duty movie will bring anything of real substance to the war film genre.

Defectiv3_Detectiv32923d ago

Epesecially when you consider it will inevitably have to be a PG-13 film.

alycakes2923d ago

Agree...most of would be CGI anyway

Soldierone2923d ago

Doesnt matter. This is where War Films could expand. Not everything needs to be real. We also don't HAVE to follow historical events to make a good war movie.

This would be so far out there, filled with CGI, and soldiers. It would indeed be classified as a war film/action film and thats what I want to make.

anasurimbor2923d ago

Sounds incredibly lame. Pass.

manumit2923d ago

(OH GOD DON'T) aahhh when will they learn...

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