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DirecTV Premium VOD Service to Launch Thursday With 'Just Go With It'

THR Says:

The satellite TV giant will be the first pay TV firm to offer movies about 60 days after their theatrical release for $29.99, with the service being available only to DirecTV HD DVR customers.

DirecTV made its premium VOD plans official on Tuesday, becoming the first pay TV service to offer early-release movies for around $30 about 60 days after their theatrical debut.

The satellite TV giant said it will launch its early release offering of films in partnership with four big studios with Sony’s Just Go With It this Thursday. The film became available for pre-order as of this morning. The service is only available to DirecTV HD DVR customers. The company has about 6 million such customers, according to a spokeswoman.

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Crazay3676d ago

That sure was a fast turnaround

darklordzor3675d ago

Yep, unfortunately that's the point of the new service. Put movies on demand just 60 days after hitting theaters.

Crazay3675d ago

I mean from saying they were gonna do it to gettiung it running

darklordzor3675d ago

Oh! Well then, I just sounded like a jack-ass!

Christopher3675d ago

***Titles will cost $29.99 and be available in the premium VOD window for two weeks, starting between midnight and 2am the day they launch. After the two weeks, they will go away and return during the regular PPV/VOD window for the regular PPV/VOD price.***

Wait... is that a per-title cost or an extra $30/month cost to get access to all premium titles?

If it's the former... holy crud that's more than it costs for me and the wife to go see the movie at the theater. Specifically, $7.99 more than the ticket cost.

Crazay3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

Per title sir. We already went over the cost of a night at the movies in a previous post. It worled out to roughly $15-20 cheaper doing it this way.

Christopher3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

I don't see that.

$11 x 2 = $22
$29.99 x 1 = $29.99

And, even then, I get to see it at release, on the big screen, and my wife and I have a reason to not become shut-ins.

$30 for something 60 days after it was in the theaters? Ridiculous, IMHO. I'll wait the 90 days till I can buy it for 2/3 that on BD+DVD and won't be restricted to viewing it for 2 weeks only. Let alone rent it for $1 for 1 night.

Even worse is that this doesn't employ more people compared to seeing it in the theater. It just means a lot more money going to the bigwigs at DirectTV and the studios, not to people who needs jobs and get it by working at the movie theaters.

Crazay3675d ago

+$6x2 for a drink, +$5 for popcorn + $x for anything else you may want.

Christopher3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

$6 for a drink? $5 for popcorn? I guess this is based on where you live (California and NY?)

$4.25 for a large drink in MD, which is more than enough for 2 people. $3.50 for a large popcorn in MD, which is more than enoguh for 2 people.

And, if you start going out for more, you're talking about eating out. Something people will do regardless of whether they see a movie or not. So, I pick up take out on the way home and it's about the same as eating the crappy food at the theater. Sure, it's better, but we're talking price.

And, as I said, we're talking $30 for 60 days later on your own home theater.

Sorry, I just don't see this as being a better deal nor good for a trend in movie distribution. No way in heck will I ever pay $30 for a digital movie that I rent and where a bigger cut goes to those who don't do the work.

As I said above, I'll wait 30 days more and own it for less. But, even then, I'm still going to look for a reason to get out of the house and away from my job.

Crazay3674d ago

I'm in Canada btw.

I'm not saying that you're wrong when you say that it's a high price, but lets look at it form the point of view that many people are in.


So assume for a moment that the parents want to go to a movie, they go your way and pay your prices. So that brings us to $25 for the tickets + say another $10 for refreshments and snacks + $20-25 for a baby sitter. You're looking at a $50 evening out. This is the situation I'm in.

On the otherhand, assume for a moment, a young family is throwing a Birthday party for their kid and 4 of their friends. So 5 kids at $6 each brings you to $30 before any food/drink or freshments and snacks. With this service, families an make a day long event out of it and provide the theater experience with multiple movies for the kids should they choose.

So many people have huge screens and incredibly good home theater setups. Mine for example is an HD projector pushing out 92" of beauty which I would much prefer to sit in front of. That's not to say that I won't go to the movies for things that I'm totally jacked up for. In fact I think this summer just may see me in the theater more frequently than previous years but for those fringe movies that I have interest in but not enough to drag my ass to the theater - I'd buy into this happily.

Castor3674d ago

Yea I feel it's a bit steep of a price unless you have a family of 6 or more and already have a nice theater system at home.