Masters Out Of The ‘House’: Last Temptation (7.19) Review - The Voice Of TV

The Voice Of TV: Masters (Amber Tamblyn) leaves the House on this week’s instalment. She passes House’s (Hugh Laurie) test which lands her an internship on his team after she finally does something unthinkable for her when she first joined in. She has the guts to be bold and risky once but can she take it in the long run the way it’s required to stick around on House’s watch?

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Christopher3482d ago

House annoys me now. I thought it would go somewhere worthwhile when he was off the drugs, and then he got with Cuddy and was starting to be in a relationship. But, nope, the last few episodes have seen him turn once again into a careless jerk without any anchor, get back on drugs, and run off the only person I actually had any respect for on the team anymore.

I just don't see what people see in the program other than the acting of people who should be doing better work elsewhere with better stories.

alycakes3481d ago

This is the episode where he did piss me off. I'm glad she left but I was hoping she would just go back to surgery and stay on the show....I kinda like her.

They do need to do something with House....I think they made a mistake when they put him and Cuddy together. That always spoils a just can't go back to the way things were and it messes everything up.