Linkin Park To Be Featured In New Transformers Film

Once again a Transformers film will feature a Linkin Park song. The band has worked with director Michael Bay on all three Transformers films now. In the first film, their song What I’ve Done was featured. In the second film it was New Divide. Now for the third film, Transformers: Dark Of The Moon, their song Iridescent will have a prominent ro

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darklordzor3682d ago

Not exactly surprised, but kind of cool to see them sticking through and being featured on all three movies. Now we just have to make sure T3 doesn't suck.

alycakes3682d ago

I hope it doesn't. I'm gonna miss Megan Fox. I actually liked her in the first two.

-MD-3681d ago

I'm looking forward to seeing the new chick. I can't say I'll miss Megan Fox all that much.

Soldierone3682d ago

Yeah Im debating if I still want to see it without Megan Fox...its losing her, but also losing the character. With the first one I really connected with it...hopeffully they can make another connection that i will be happy with.

alycakes3681d ago

yeah...I know what you mean