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Their Best Scene: Inception

From TMP:

Every movie has great scenes in them. Whether they are terrible movies or Oscar winners, each and every one features one scene or moment that completely blows you away. These are the scenes that show you the best the film has to offer. They don't have to be action pieces (and most often aren't), but they embody the theme of the film and brings you closer to the characters...even if only for a moment. I know it’s been a while but this time around we’re heading into the dreamworld of Chris Nolan’s Inception.

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darklordzor3680d ago

I really loved this movie, and the ending was just so powerful to me. I really couldn't care less what happened (whether it fell or not), I think the message is good enough on its own.

alycakes3680d ago

At the beginning I knew he was know the way it started at the beach. Then when he said "Do you remember how we got here?" I got goose bumps because I dream such strange dreams and I can't ever remember how I got there but they are so real I feel like I'm awake. All thru the movie I was right there and nowhere else and the ending was just awesome.

It was my favorite of last year and for sometime to come.

darklordzor3680d ago

Totally agree, there are so many amazing aspects of this film, that I'm sure it will stick with me for quite some time. We need more movies of this calibur.

alycakes3680d ago

I'm not even ashamed to say that I went to see it 4 times on the big screen just so I could visualize it there. Then I bought it for a few of my friends for Xmas and I've seen it a home a couple of times since it came out on DVD. I know....too much...but it just puts me in this state of mind while I'm watching's weird.