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Is This The Officially Registered Plot Premise For The Man Of Steel?

Bleeding Cool: A lot of the data and information on movies that ends up online and in print seems to have its roots in The Baseline Studio System. Once upon a time, in the misty history of 2009, back when nobody knew what the Shyamalan-scripted Devil was going to be about, I found its “top secret synopsis” listed as Baseline data. Their blurb proved to be 100% accurate.

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darklordzor4239d ago

I guess it could be true, but to be honest, I'm not digging the sound of it. I'd much rather him start off in Metropolis as the hero he is. I'm tired of going back to the beginning with him and exploring his past. Why can't he just 'be'?

Mustang300C20124239d ago

Plus what was the point of Smallville then? No reason this moving should be going bacwards in story.

darklordzor4238d ago

Yep, right on the money. We've seen the 'beginning' time and time again and even revisited it for a spot in Superman Returns. Why not just start right into the middle of it, and show the problems and issues he has with the current lifestyle he has, instead of the turmoil at the start?

alycakes4239d ago

I don't think that will be the plot. If they're bringing ZOD into this they're going to have to go for a bigger entrance to get the audience hooked. I really don't know why they would redo the last one after all isn't that what they kinda did when they brought him back in Superman Returns?

No_Pantaloons4239d ago

Not keen on yet another reboot. I know most ppl didn't like the last one, but they still could have kept Roth and basically focused on superman with zod or whoever they wanted to be the villain.

I agree that another "exploring his past" movie is completely played out. We need to see superman with a new challenge. He has so many villains (personal favorite would be Darkseid), it blows my mind they can't come up with something else.

For those who feel the same, be sure to check out the DC Universe Animated Original Movies. Despite being cartoons, they're better than the live action superhero movies that have come out.

alycakes4238d ago

Yeah...out of all the comic book villians he has you'd think they could come up with something just a little different. Maybe they don't want to give it away so they're putting out false rumors. You know how things get leaked in the movie business....I hope we're pleasantly surprised.