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Help Mr. Sulu Save Akira From White People

CinemaBlend says:

I’m just going to come and say this, right off the bat. I don’t like Akira. Actually I don’t really like most anime either. Wait, before you pillory me in the comments section, hear me out on this. For once anime fans, I’m actually on your side.

See a few weeks ago we found this shortlist of actors likely to be up for the two leads in a new, live-action Hollywood version of the well-known Japanese anime. The list was populated entirely by a bunch of white people. The whitest of white people. White people like Robert Pattinson, Chris Pine, Justin Timberlake, and that British kind who stole Tobey Maguire’s job as Spider-Man. Akira on the other hand, is one of the most well-known pieces of entertainment Japan has ever produced. And... none of the movie’s leads, animated though they might be, is even remotely a generic white guy.

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Crazay3478d ago

I am all for this - even if it kills the project.

alycakes3477d ago

Sounds okay to me too. I like some of the Japanese anime.

Megaton3476d ago

I hate when Hollywood does things like this.

Whoooop3476d ago


Don't know what to think of this...

cliffbo3471d ago

how about we wait until its released before making any pre-judgements?

it maybe ok or maybe not!