Dish Network Plans To Keep Some Blockbuster Stores Open

Deadline says:

Dish Network has revealed in filings with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in New York that it will assume the leases on more than 500 Blockbuster stores, meaning the retailer will remain a bricks-and-mortar business at least in some capacity, the Wall Street Journal reported today.

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Crazay3104d ago

It's good to see that the chain isn't gone yet - but that still means there's about 1000 stores to shut down and that sucks. As for making a VOD service to rival Netflix, that'll be interesting to see how they plan to do it.

darklordzor3104d ago

Glad to hear. Now I just have to hope that the one close to me stays open...or at least one somewhere around my town. I love just going into those stores.

Soldierone3104d ago

All of them around me except one has closed....crossing my fingers that it stays open....otherwise that sucks. I have no where else to go to rent games at.

I bet this VOD service is exclusive in some extent to Dish network users so i have no interest in it at all.

MinimeJer053104d ago

Wow, I thought they would have more stores then that opened. Guess they don't have much faith in the Blockbuster name. Can't really blame them.

alycakes3103d ago

I have two in my area left out of about 20....wish me luck!

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