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‘The Event’: Cut Off The Head (1.17) Review - The Voice Of TV

The Voice Of TV: I’m truly at a lost of words on how exactly I should go about typing up this review. For me, ‘The Event‘ has slowly downgraded itself the past few episodes. I’ve been hoping for a rebound – so that this season can end on a positive note. It’s unlikely it will go beyond this year but let us end this one on a high. ”Cut Off The Head” did something for me that I have felt since the first couple weeks of the show – excitement. Thankfully, this episode was the rebound the show desperately needed and outside of a few irking plot points I find myself back on board to be excited to see how this season comes to a close (who knows, maybe I’ll grow to want a second season).

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alycakes3474d ago

I actually had to stop watching it...too much. It's good and if it was the only thing on at that time....okay but the time slot isn't good for me. There are more important things to see and do at that time and I just couldn't keep up. I may however watch it at a later time when i can focus on all the details. On a show like this that's what you have to be willing to do.