Top Ten Sidney Lumet Movies

Counting down the Top Ten best movies from the late, great master filmmaker Sidney Lumet.

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Megaton3476d ago

Dog Day Afternoon is probably my favorite on that list. Network and Serpico are also really good.

alycakes3476d ago

Serpico and 12 Angry Men would be the top choice here but don't rule out Before the Devil Knows You're Dead. That one surprised me. I watched it on a whim one day and it shocked me and surprised me regarding the two brothers involved.

filmmattic3476d ago

What an awesome Top-5! The guy was a true auteur. And I'm glad to see Find Me Guilty just made the list. A criminally underrated film. One of Diesel's finest performances. No surprise because Lumet was a true actor-director that knew how to get the most from his cast.