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Mark Wahlberg's Older Brother Gets First Starring Role - The Rude, the Mad, and the Funny

It's no wonder Mark's oldest brother Arthur was cast as 'the Mad' in the recently completed feature "The Rude, the Mad, and the Funny", as the actor bears a striking resemblance to Lee Van Cleef (aka The Bad of the Good the Bad and the Ugly) with a very majestic and rugged appearance and style onscreen. The latest extended trailer released for the comedic film last Friday at the Boston International Film Festival. Albeit this is no spaghetti western, and may not pack the punch of Mark’s latest, this film also features Erica McDermott who played Mark Wahlberg’s sister in “The Fighter”. The trailer has also been posted on youtube.

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gameguidedog3676d ago

One of the nicest celeb families i've ever had the honor of knowing.

filmmattic3676d ago

Lucky you! Donnie is an underused actor, in my opinion. I think he's capable of being a strong performer. Not a mega-movie star like Marky Mark (obviously), but a commendable character actor-type.

gameguidedog3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

Agreed to some degree, Donnie is an exceptional actor. Also not to confuse Donnie with Arthur who is the oldest of the nine brothers and sisters. The Rude, the Mad, and the Funny is Arthur's first starring role.

filmmattic3676d ago

Yeah, no I wasn't confusing Arthur with Donnie. I read the article. I was merely just dropping a general comment regarding the Wahlbergs, considering your familiarity with their family.

alycakes3676d ago

I wasn't aware there were so many Wahlbergs to choose from. Donnie and Mark are the only two I know but the face is familiar and the subject matter a little different so I'll watch.

ShAkKa3676d ago

I only Knew of Donnie and Mark too. Donnie because of the Saw movies where he performed quite well.

MinimeJer053676d ago

I didn't realize Mark had any other siblings besides Donnie. I've always liked Donnie and recently I haven't minded Mark much, but it's good to see his family getting work.

gameguidedog3676d ago

There are actually nine brothers and sisters, reminds one of the Baldwins as there's always a new one every so often.

MinimeJer053675d ago

9? Are you serious??? My god that is a lot.

kkennedy3671d ago

Arthur is a good actor and great guy. Cheers to him on his acomplishments.