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Don Jeanes Talks Transformers Dark of the Moon and His Upcoming Films With Skewed and Reviewed

Skewed and reviewed spoke with actor Don Jeanes about his work in the upcoming Transformers film as well as several other projects he has in the works. Jeanes also confirmed to Skewed and Reviewed that the movie is shot in 3D.

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Garethvk3670d ago

we are also confirming the movie is shot in 3D and not converted in post production. Michael Bay was against the 3D idea to start with.

Garethvk3670d ago

Jeanes also said that according to Michael Bay, people were trying to hack his computer and steal the script, so extra security was put in place.

filmmattic3669d ago

Wow, lol.

I guess there are no limits, to the shear extent of nefarious depths, that people will go to in extracting (perhaps, even Inception style?) information about unreleased films. Thus, explains the wildly inconsistent rumor-mill machine that purports stories that turn out, time and time again, to be untrue.

alycakes3670d ago

I know 3D is the thing these days but I am old fashioned and still prefer 2D. Also I have a vision problem that causes me to avoid 3D and IMAX as I'm sure other people must also.

Garethvk3670d ago

It will have a 2D version as well.

alycakes3668d ago

Are you sure???? Wasn't there a 3D movie recently that shot only in 3D and wasn't done in 2D?