5 Reasons Why The Hollywood Box Office Is Hurting

Hollywood is breathing a sigh of relief after finally breaking a streak of 7 consecutive weeks in which box office sales were down compared to the same periods last year. It took a staggering 4 months and a half to see the first $40 million opening of the year and everyone from studio executives to movie theater owners are getting antsy.

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darklordzor3682d ago

I think the biggest reason is the movies themselves. We've only had a handful of really great titles released so far this year, and in tough times economically, people don't want to waste their money on movies that aren't amazing.

-MD-3682d ago

Yep. Mediocre movies and high ticket prices.

JL3681d ago

See, people say this all the time these days: movies just aren't as good. We're not getting as many good movies anymore these days. I don't agree with that really. Looking back, I find that we're getting just as good movies these days as we have anytime before. And the ratio of good to garbage is still the same.

I blame this on two things. First, we've grown up. As a young person or kid you can be easily entered by the cliche or the shallow. Just look back at some movies you thought were really good when you were a kid. Now rewatch them today when you're older. If you're honest in your critique, most likely you'll come to find that you had no idea what you were talking about when you were young and half those movies were actually just mediocre. Of course you still enjoy them for nostalgic reasons.

Two, the economy and prices of movies. This is the reason the box office is indeed hurting (expounded by some other things). With the economy in the shape its in, plus the cost of a trip to the theater at an all-time high, we're more reluctant to go to the theaters as often anymore. Thus we become more critical of what we go to see.

It's not a matter of people not wanting to waste their money on anything but the best. But rather it's that they don't have the money to waste. Whereas before (just for example) maybe somebody could afford to go to the movies once every week on average. Now it's more like once a month on average. So they get less chances to go, thus they have to be pickier about which movie they go to see, thus picking only the best of the best.

Honestly, though, I don't believe that we're getting less and less good movies like people continually state. I think as far as quality goes, we're pretty much in the same place that we've always been.

darklordzor3681d ago

I'm not saying that overall the quality of movies is going down. In fact I believe we've had quite a few good movies of late...but the beginning of this year really hasn't seen much 'stellar' movies. There is still plenty of time in this year for that to happen, but on the whole, it hasn't been as good this year.

JL3681d ago

We've still had some good ones this year, though. Source Code, Paul, Hanna, Lincoln Lawyer, Adjustment Bureau and so on.

These probably don't top of of the best ones that the past years have had to offer, but that's the nature of the movie year. The first quarter or two of the year isn't when you'll see the great movies. You'll get some good ones, but the great ones studios hold onto until the summer or later in the year (so it can be fresh in the minds of critics, etc for awards season no doubt).

And my point still stands. Wasn't saying it to you specifically, but there's definitely a mass "accusation" of sorts that keeps claiming movies are getting worse. Year after year I keep hearing all the time "oh they don't make them like they used to" or "this is the worse year for movies ever" or "year after year the movies just keep getting worse".

newn4gguy3682d ago

It's hard to beat last year's Kickass and Scott Pilgrim.

Honestly though...I think critics are to blame for a lot of it.

Sure, they saved us from Battle: LA, but Sucker Punch was great!

alycakes3681d ago

We have had some great movies but just like football and baseball...if you want to make it a family affair it's going to cost.

I missed a few of the movies I really wanted to see the last few months but I don't rent, so when RED came out on DVD I just went out and bought it. (it cost less then going to the movies)Not the same experience but still sometimes you compromise.

This year I've made up my mind...tooooo many good movies coming out. I'm going to the matinee the first day even if it's by myself. Then if it's really great, I'll talk my husband into going to see it and I'll go again. (he doesn't like to go to the movies much) I used to go every Friday to see the best one of the new ones coming out this time of year...Spring and Summer are tuff.

filmmattic3681d ago

I'll wager a conjecture and say that Box Office's will be quite strong in the Summer. That's not any kind of emphatic, shrewd statement. It's just an acknowledgement of the fact that many BIG cash cow type films are getting released this summer (Harry Potter Final Part II, Cars 2, Transformers, POTC, etc., etc.).

Though, I do agree that the increase in ticket prices, the proliferation of newer models of technological consumption (i.e., everywhere on the Internet, which also provide distractions add alternate forms of entertainment), and the "staleness" of ideas all contribute to the apparent malaise. There are a host of other factors as well, but I don't want to write a dissertation. Fortunately, it's been done by others on the Internet.

alycakes3680d ago

I totally agree. But I am looking forward to it all picking up beginning in May.

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