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Hollywood's New Leading Ladies

THR: See which young actresses are poised to take over Tinseltown.

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alycakes3674d ago

What about Hailee Steinfeld that made her first performance in True Grit? Now there is a real actor. I think she will be doing great work in her young years now and in the future she will shine.

Castor3674d ago

I bet more than half of those won't even be "movie stars" in 10 years. Simply look around today at the current of actors and how many of them actually started really young.

filmmattic3673d ago

Nice list. No real big surprises other than the obvious fact that there are three up-and-coming actresses with the name EMMA. What are the odds of that?

And Rooney Mara is beautiful and talented. I can't wait to see more of her work.

alycakes3664d ago

Agreed on that. Sometime we're too critical. It takes time for them to get just the right part that will show us what they're made of.