‘Breakout Kings’: Fun With Chemistry (1.07) Review - The Voice Of TV

The Voice Of TV: "Remember back in those chemistry classes in high school? There were days where you had to sit through those exhausting and dull eighty minute lectures. Then came the days were you were actually able to do something – whether it be to mix together a few elements to see something cause a combustion reaction or the rarity of burning your friend’s nipple off (don’t ask). With a breath of relief, this week’s ‘Breakout Kings‘ burned that nipple off for us… bad analogy. Take it the way it was meant to be taken – last week’s episode felt like a lecture, this week’s was lab day."

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Christopher3481d ago

The show is fairly generic, IMHO. It can be enjoyable, but it does nothing special.

The use of criminals is looked at too heavily. They should try to be more like Leverage in this regard, IMHO.

The combination of tough guys and psychology is fairly forced and is used as a crutch to keep things "interesting" by interjecting changes on the fly that force the concept that you're just watching what happens and not trying to figure out anything for yourself.

The characters are okay, but many of them contradict their past actions almost every week it seems.