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( Insidious Breathes New Life into the Horror Genre

Marron Marvel "To preface this, I'm something of a horror and suspense aficionado. I'm a big fan of classic horror (think Vincent Price) as well as horror classics like The Exorcist and Poltergeist. With these sorts of thrillers and chillers to live up to, scary movies have been amazingly lackluster over the past few years, with a remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street and movies like The Haunting in Connecticut just lacking the means to impress true horror fans. But with the creative team of James Wan and Leigh Whannell (best known for the Saw franchise) at the helm, Insidious gave a glimmer of hope to horror fans that perhaps this movie would breathe new life into a slowly dying film genre.

That said, Insidious did not disappoint."

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Arcee3448d ago

Okay, so I have officially read more good things about this one than bad. Now I really NEED to see this one. Anyone want to go with me? My wife doesn't like horror movies...

MarronMarvel3447d ago

I would totally go with you to see it if I was in your area. Yes, it's good enough to see twice in theatres!

Arcee3447d ago

Well, if I still haven't seen it and you ever happen to be in my area, would you mind going with me? LOL

NuyoRiquena3447d ago

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. It is difficult to find good "scary" movies.

alycakes3437d ago

Well my husband won't even watch Supernatural at home with me he's scared of everything. I love stuff like that. I'll go too if you want.