GeekActually Review - Thor

David McVay writes:
The story of Thor is not grounded in the pseudo realistic world of “Iron Man”, “Captain America” or “The Incredible Hulk”, Thor is the thunder god from the heavenly realm of Asgard. This wild idea of putting a Norse god on earth as a superhero worked in comic book form but Marvel Productions had to find a way to meld this fantasy based superhero into it’s existing universe of movies.

I am glad to report that Marvel Productions and director Kenneth Branagh (and his writers Ashley Edward Miller, Zack Stentz and Don Payne) pulled it off. “Thor” is an exciting action film that seamlessly stitches together the fantastic realm of Asgard and the realistic world of Earth. It even manages to create a plausible reason for the existence of Asgard and its immortals without actually harping on the “god” aspect. In the film it is explained that to a primitive Viking race, these powerful beings would have been considered gods.

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