Box Office Report: 'Rio' Helps Break U.S. Box Office Slump With $40 Million Opening

THR: Dimension Films' "Scream 4" comes in No. 2 with $19.2 million; Robert Redford's limited player "The Conspirator" meets its goal in grossing roughly $4 million.

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AuToFiRE3403d ago

It very much is, they are out of ideas, just like tv, hence all the reality shows

newn4gguy3403d ago

I would say the originality is still there. The audience is the dead part.

Original recent movies:
- Exit Through The Gift Shop
- Rubber
- Cloverfield
- The Beaver
- Sucker Punch

Original Recent Shows:
- Community

Ok...maybe you're right about tv.

darklordzor3403d ago

Don't forget:

Source Code
Super 8

AuToFiRE3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

- Exit Through The Gift Shop - enter the void
- Rubber - deathbed, killer fridge, etc
- Cloverfield - godzilla
- The Beaver - mr dress up
- Sucker Punch - watchmen, and tons of others

Castor3403d ago

They are not out of ideas, they are scared of doing anything new and original. There is plenty of creative people out there, they just won't come near them.

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darklordzor3403d ago

Wow, good to see them sort of getting out of this slump. Hopefully they can hold on and make for a very good Summer movie season.

newn4gguy3403d ago

That is, if audiences stop listening to the BS critics throw out there. Every person I know who saw Sucker Punch loved it. Critics destroyed it, which really affected its box office.

Critics cost the movie studios millions of dollars.

darklordzor3403d ago

Yep, I'm right there with you. I've said it before, about the only reviews I pay attention to come from friends who are movie buffs. I don't listen to anything else really. Mostly I like to just judge for myself.