CNMN Review: Thor – “A Film Worthy of the Gods”

CNMN Network: Thor is a terrific comic book movie and achieves everything that you would hope an origin story would have. It provides the back story for the audience who may not been too familiar with the canon. It has awesome action scenes, worthy of the very comic book pages from which they could be lifted, and the sound is great. Turn it up, way up. There are moments of humour throughout the film which allows the characters to be more than a one dimensional plot point.

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AuToFiRE3480d ago

I really dont trust critics that much, a 5/5 is a pretty good score but what ive seen so far is the scoring all over the place, i suggest everyone go see it in theatres and make your own conclusion

Christopher3480d ago

It's a comic book movie that most people haven't heard of. I expect scores to be all over the place, at the least.

Castor3480d ago

Doubt it's that good as to warrant a 5/5 but it's nice to see it's not a fuming pile of crap at least.

filmmattic3480d ago

I like your Review Title. Certainly, something I would used! And 5/5. Let's just say my interest is piqued.

ShAkKa3480d ago

Doubt this movie is that good. I did not find the trailer to be anything special so i guess i'll wait until it gets release on BD to check it out.

stoictaco3479d ago

I loved this movie!

I have been looking forward to Thor for a really long time and generally when this happens I am disappointed by the result but not in this case.

When rating a film I start with 5 stars and then remove them as I either lose interest or if there is something that I don't enjoy in it, and after watching Thor I just couldn't think of anything I didn't like so I left it as 5 stars.

I am really looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the movie when it gets released in the US on May 6th.