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IGN: 'Thor' Review

IGN: Marvel's Thor (ably played by Aussie actor Chris Hemsworth) is the arrogant heir to the monarch-god Odin (Anthony Hopkins) and the proverbial big man on campus, which in this case is the floating celestial realm of Asgard. We meet Thor as he's poised to assume the throne from Odin. His brother Loki (Tom Hiddleston) must remain waiting in the wings, and considering these are immortals that's a long time to play second banana.

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Yi-Long3672d ago

... when I saw the trailer footage it looked utterly lame, as opposed to the first Iron Man and Captain America, which trailers looked pretty damn cool.

Still not sure if I'll like this movie though. Even in the comics I always thought Thor was a bit of a 'douche'.

AuToFiRE3672d ago

3.5/5is equivalent to a 65% i wouldnt really call that a good movie but it depends on the person

gaden_malak3671d ago

Not sure what school you went to but 3.5/5 is 70%

AuToFiRE3671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

im not the greatest at math when i havent slept for a couple days, stil 70 isnt that great

alycakes3672d ago

I saw the trailer and didn't think it was bad at all. It was different. We don't have an alien or a human being a super hero...we have a God here...this is totally workable and I think it's going to be a hit! The only thing I couldn't get totally around was Natalie Portman....although I love her and she's a wonderful actress, I just didn't see her in this part.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33672d ago

I'm warming up to the idea of this movie but the one thing holding it back is the lack of an interesting villian. That robotic looking thing he is fighting in the trailer looks ultra generic. And Kat Dennings. That alone is enough to dissuade me from seeing it in theaters.

KonohagakureFC3672d ago

Isn't Loki the Villain? What's wrong with him?

Defectiv3_Detectiv33672d ago

Loki seems to be a lex luthor type character - he hatches some skeem and uses somebody else to do the heavy lifting - in this case 'The Destroyer' or whatever that awfully generic looking robot thing is called. It's just that we all know how this will end, with Thor laying waste to him. I wish the movie was more than just a setup for the inevitable sequel; I'd like to see a superhero film that sets up an actually interesting story arc for the villian, instead of just giving us a throwaway character that will be easily dispatched by film's end.

filmmattic3671d ago

I'm looking forward to seeing this. I read an informative article about Kenneth Branagh's behind-the-scenes efforts in The Hollywood Reporter. I'm curious to see, for myself, if he delivers the goods on this $150 million project.