Think M. Night Shyamalan Should Go Back to Film School? There's A Website for That

EW: Today, three friends launched a new fundraising website. Their goal? To collect enough money to send M. Night Shyamalan back to film school.

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-MD-3107d ago

First day up and they only have $500? I don't see it hitting 150,000 but I would like to see this guy go back to film school.

JL3107d ago

Nonsense. It's only been up a day. That's not enough time to go viral yet. Wait for it. I'd almost guarantee it goes viral. Hell I'm half-tempted to donate. lol

On a side note, at the end of this article here, that link to Youtube of The Happening scene: Hilarious!!! That's just horrible. And horrible acting by Wahlberg there too. "What? Nooo" lol

-MD-3107d ago

Dunno here we are 12 hours later and it hasn't gone up a dollar since.

Castor3105d ago

Yea I doubt it's going to get that much money. It's too abstract and unrealistic of a goal ;)

Quagmire3106d ago

Why would I donate a single cent to this Talentless hack?

-MD-3106d ago

Hopefully to make him less of a talentless hack.

Quagmire3106d ago

But why? Whats the point? Ive never seen any of his movies, nor do I intend to.

Castor3105d ago

But then, how do you know he is a talentless hack? See for yourself.

KingPin3106d ago

the worst waste of my time was watching The village. <sigh> how i regretted that decision. i remember sitting in the movies with my bro cracking jokes about this dumb piece of shit. never again will i ever watch anything this guy makes, did he even make any movies since then anyways? not that i care, just curious.

JL3106d ago

Oh yea. The Village was only the beginning of the fall really. After that he had the horrible The Happening, then just last year the critically slammed Last Airbender. And of course my favorite, 2006 he did Lady in the Water. And by favorite, I mean the biggest joke of all his movies ever.

newn4gguy3106d ago

Sorry about Lady In The Water. Maybe he should have put some pretentious, boring crap in there to offset the well-paced script and engaging atmosphere.

bigrob9043106d ago

i hate to say this but, I like lady in the water. its not the best movie ever but i like it.

JL3106d ago

What I hate the most about it is the way Night turned it into pretentious, self-indulgent propaganda.

afterMoth3106d ago

1 or 2 hits with a bunch of crap

Unbreakable.. Horrible movie "they called me Mr. Glass". Start off good enough but that lasted 10 minutes.

Lady in the Water - crap all the way through

Happening - just like the other two, horrible.

Didn't see airbender yet.

newn4gguy3106d ago

The Last Airbender is terrible.

Everything else has been great.

I wish you people could see what his movies are really about. Don't be so shallow.

Megaton3106d ago

I suppose "great" is subjective, but I personally do not consider any of his work to be better than "average". I've seen The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, Signs, The Village and The Happening. Meh.

Megaton3106d ago

He's a talentless hack, sure, but this is kind of pointless. Should just use this joke as a way to raise money for charity or something.

JL3106d ago

They are pretty much. They know he won't take the money, so what they're going to end up doing with it is awarding it to some film student or amateur filmmaker or something.

Megaton3106d ago

Yeah, I read that bit. They should have it all laid out there, where it's going and all that. They shouldn't even bother offering it to him.

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The story is too old to be commented.