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Robert Kirkman Interview The Walking Dead; Updates on the Video Game, Second Season Zombie Kills

Screen Rant: The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman however, was at WonderCon this weekend doing more press for the series and his other upcoming works, and offered some juicy hints about The Walking Dead season 2, pointing out that there will be an exponentially increased amount of zombie killing.

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-MD-3673d ago

I'm so glad the first season did so well that they're already planning for a 3rd and 4th season.

I don't really know how I feel about Telltale doing the game though. I've never been impressed by anything they have made.

Season 2 is soooooooo far away.

ShAkKa3672d ago

Yeah, i don't get why they decided to release it so far apart from the first season.

-MD-3672d ago (Edited 3672d ago )

It'll probably premier in October every year and it seems so far away cause we only got a lousy 6 episodes to last us an entire year. We get 13 episodes this time around though thankfully.

ShAkKa3672d ago

Yeah,i can't think of any other series(not canceled) that had a shorter season than this one. 13 episodes for the next one sounds a lot better though.

alycakes3671d ago

The only Zombie movies I like are Zombieland and the Resident Evil series but I actually got into the Walking Dead on AMC so lets see if it can bring some new and it gets any better in this next season.