More Images From Silent Hill 2, Even Pyramid Head?

STYD: Some more pics have slipped from the set of Silent Hill: Revelation 3D and one pic appears to be a look at Pyramid Head. I'm loving the visual style that Michael J. Bassett's bringing to the table.

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Megaton3073d ago

So this is finally coming along, eh? I'm very skeptical. I'm one of those fans who actually really liked the original Silent Hill movie, but I just can't get behind this until I see it. I'm pretty pessimistic about it.

ShAkKa3073d ago

I liked the first movie a lot too,actually i think it is one of the best game to movie adaptation i've seen, not like that means a lot but still ;)

-MD-3073d ago

It's generally considered to be one of the best video game movies and for good reason. Silent Hill did it right. Resident Evil did it wrong.

ShAkKa3073d ago

I liked the first RE movie but the last three were awful, especially the second one.

JL3072d ago

I've enjoyed the Resident Evil movies plenty well enough. They've gotten a bit lazy in the latest ones but I've enjoyed the franchise.

Silent Hill I liked as well. Haven't seen enough on this one to say one way or the other. But looking at the pics, the style of it does look pretty cool.

Megaton3072d ago

I liked the original Resident Evil, too. I haven't even seen any of the others beyond the 2nd.

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Quagmire3072d ago

I want a Dead Space movie, dammit!

JL3072d ago

It's still in the works. Originally they were going for a prequel with the movie, but that didn't work out and they didn't like how the script came out. So they went back to the drawing board. Just last month Caruso said it's still being worked on, though, and that they're in the process of re-writing it.

Megaton3072d ago

Check out Event Horizon to hold you over until it inevitably happens.

alycakes3065d ago

I really liked Resident Evil..they kinda slaked off on the 4th one AFTERLIFE but other than that they were okay. I'm not sure I'm ready for the Silent Hill 2 thought.