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Five Reasons You Might Like Game Of Thrones Even If You Don't Like Fantasy

Cinemablend: I’m sure there are people out there that might need a bit of persuading to give a rich fantasy story like Game of Thrones a chance, which is why I’ve compiled this brief, spoiler-free list to entice you into watching the HBO series. Admitting that my appreciation for fantasy doesn’t typically extend far beyond the Harry Potter books may discredit me somewhat among hardcore fans of the genre. I’m ok with that as that’s really not who I’m trying to reach here. After all, if you love the fantasy genre, you probably don’t need any other reason to tune in to HBO this Sunday night. But fantasy's not for everyone. It's certainly a matter of preference. Having read the book, I think the story transcends the genre enough that people who don't consider themselves fans of fantasy can still get on board with this one if they're willing to give it a chance.

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alycakes3932d ago

I wish I had HBO so I could watch this....I love fantasy and period type shows. I don't know that the characters would be as engaging as the ones in the Lord of the Rings movies but it has a very interesting storyline for a TV series. I think people will get hooked.

filmmattic3932d ago

I'm sad to report I missed the premier. But I'm happy to report that "come on everybody [I can] do xfinity." Sorry, that commercial was stuck in my head, but needless to say, I'll be watching it on demand later.