Summer Blockbuster Guide

THR: From superheroes to wizards to mutants, THR analyzes the showdowns of the season.

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-MD-3684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

Most of these films actually look pretty boring to me surprisingly. From the list the only 2 that I really want to see are Transformers 3 and Rise of the Apes.

X-Men looks pretty decent too but I'm not excited about it. Same with Pirates.

Christopher3683d ago

I'm into comic books by default and will likely see them even if they're mediocre.

I am interested in
- Thor
- Kung Fu Panda 2 (now w/more Van Damme)
- X-Men First Class
- Green Lantern (was put off until latest 4 min trailer)
- Captain America (most interested for me)

I'll likely see most on the list because the wife and I do Friday date nights, but I'm not clamoring to see them. As I said, other than KFP2, I'm into comic book movies and will see them as long as they're not horrible.

And, yeah, I know Cowboys & Aliens is based on a graphic novel, but it's not a traditional one and kind of doesn't fit the typical profile of a comic book movie. I'll likely be seeing it anyway while the whole time just thinking that Craig needs to get back to being Bond.

Megaton3683d ago

I really can't say I'm excited to see any of those. I suppose that's not too strange, though. I'm not typically a "summer blockbuster" kinda guy. The best movie I'll see this summer will likely be something on Netflix.

Castor3681d ago

Yes, same here. My most anticipated flick of the year is The Tree of Life and all of those big blockbuster are really not very interesting to me... I have been to the movie theater once this year so far.

JL3683d ago

Pirates and Transformers I'm excited about and want to see, if for no other reason than because I've enjoyed the others in the franchise.

Cars 2 I want to see because I liked the first. Cowboys & Aliens is looking like it could be the real hit amongst this group and the one I find to be the most fun.

Super 8 could be interesting, but I'm not entirely sold on that one yet, but I am somewhat interested (guess I'll wait to see what the reaction is to it).

Potter I'll be drug to the theaters to watch because my girlfriend is a huge fan. I'm sure it will be fine, but not exactly anticipating it.

As for the rest, some might be ok, but not eager to see them. They'll end up having to wait until DVD (rather Blu-ray) for me to see them. If I watch them at all.

-MD-3683d ago

No interest in Apes? The trailer got me pretty excited about it.

Sahil3682d ago

Yeah, specially when the apes start to escape.
James franco has become the new face of hollywood.


JL3682d ago

Eh, it looked better than I expected. Still not totally hyped for it or anything though. That one falls in the category of "I'll wait for the DVD".

Sahil3682d ago (Edited 3682d ago )

"Potter I'll be drug to the theaters to watch because my girlfriend is a huge fan."

Dude, I feel ya.. survived the previous two but got even when I made her watch Pirates of the Caribbean.

JL3682d ago

lol Kind of hard to exact my revenge that way. She loves Depp so Pirates she's all for. She's actually got fairly good taste in movies and isn't all girlie with it, so for the most part she's just as interested in seeing all the things I want to see.

And I don't hate Potter or anything. I'll like it well enough I'm sure. Just not something I'd normally watch if it wasn't for her wanting me to take her.

No_Pantaloons3683d ago

Pirates, Cowboys and Aliens, Conan, and Kung Fu Panda 2 will probably be good.

I'll bet Captain America, Xmen, and green lantern are all gonna suck and quickly be dismissed as marvel/dc over-saturation instead of just awful casting and terrible plot.

I can't understand how anyone could be excited to see transformers 3 after that pile of trash they released last time. Yea I bet its gonna make boat loads of money, but it'll be marginally better at best and still not even as good as the first.

JL3683d ago

I liked the second one well enough. It wasn't as good as the first, but I still enjoyed it. Is it a great film? Not at all. But I thought it was a fun mindless popcorn flick that provides some cool action and visual effects and just good for a "I don't care how shallow the plot is, I just want to look at the pretty pictures and see some fun action" type of time.

No_Pantaloons3683d ago

I guess. I don't mind all out action flicks, but transformers 2 had so much potential and just gave it all away for nothing. The jokes were horrid, the plot made no sense, they threw in so much trash from the ghetto twins to the sexy fem-bot with a tail. It just blows my mind how they thought they could just cram more and more useless stuff in. The computer graphics and action was good, but its like trying to enjoy fine dinning at a landfill, you just can't ignore it.

-MD-3683d ago

Transformers is just mindless fun for me. I was never a fan of Transformers before these Michael Bay films came out so I was never one to complain about them.

The stories do kinda suck though but everyone knows that.

Christopher3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

***just awful casting and terrible plot***

Gotta say... 100% disagree with this.

First, Evans and Reynolds are pretty perfect for their rolls.

Second, the plots are almost direct from the comic books, which are highly praised by comic book readers/critics.

I think it's looked down upon by people who don't read comic books and, to be honest, don't really want to give them a chance because they're just more comic book movies.

Captain America alone looks to be a great retelling of the origin of Steve Rogers with perfect tone and concept. Green Lantern I'm still a bit iffy on, but the last 4 min trailer really flipped that around from my dislike of it being focused too much on comedy. The storyline is a clear almost cut and paste of The Green Lantern reboot comics from a few years ago. Even Thor is following some of the same concepts from the 2009 Thor comics where he is thrown to Earth.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33682d ago

I'm cautiously optimistic over Captain America, I'm a little disappointed that it's more of a prequel - I always thought one of the more interesting aspects of Captain America was the fact that he has been frozen through time. Like most comic book movies, they don't really hit their stride until the sequel; usually they are severely limited by the fact that they are origin stories. Which makes me worried about Thor and CA, because they seem to be only setups for an impending Avengers movie.

If I must say the latest trailer for Green Lantern has rekindled my interest, it look like the most imaginitive out of all the comic book films coming out this year.

Christopher3682d ago

I think they need the prequel for introducing him. People would otherwise be a bit confused as to who the guy is that's running around in the goofy American Flag costume with a shield. He'll likely get his own movie going forward outside of his re-introduction that's likely planned with the Avengers movie.

Unless we're going to use the goofy as heck 1990 movie as the lead-in :p

JL3682d ago

There's not maybe about a Captain America sequel. I'm pretty sure it's pretty definite. They're even working on the screenplay already.

No_Pantaloons3682d ago

I hope you're right about the plots cause film makers have been more than liberal with stories based on any other medium. I could point out a few major changes in every game/book/comic based film I've ever seen.

I not sure about evans, maybe he is suited for the role, but captain america will likely fail. The character is an iconic, almost parody, of the usa in WW2 and was only really popular during that time. Every time he's reemerged in mainstream culture, its been moderately successful at best. I don't wanna go too deep into the theory of it, but basically modern Americans have little attachment to the fictional hero.

As for Green lantern, I'm not sure you've seen a ryan renolds movie before. From rom-coms to woverine origins he has a set way of acting which is more "cheese" than any serious movie can take. The trend since dark knight has been clearly cut away from one-liners and pizazz. The most serious I've seen him play is in Buried, and that was fairly transparent even as a solo act.

I'm not hating the genre, I wish they'd do it right. But the track record is awful for comic based films, which is why they're so ready to "reboot" a brand instead of building on it.

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Defectiv3_Detectiv33682d ago

More like the summer movie guide of varying degrees of disappointment. That's ok because I'm looking at it more as a primer for 2012, which is going to be an amazing year.

JL3682d ago

The Dark Knight Rises alone makes 2012 a year to look forward to.

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